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Ionizer Reviews & Testimonials

Enid B - Melbourne Vic
"I have had my ELANRA Ioniser for now three weeks. The health benefits are enormous. My lung capacity was only 55% and is now 84%. I could actually feel the tissue falling apart. Instead of puffing and panting I can now breathe freely, and walking freely is a joy as the pain in my knees has also disappeared. Both Lionel and I are sleeping more soundly. I could go on and on. I recommend your machine most highly and acknowledge your brilliance in creating it".

Steve D - Rockingham
"On behalf of Merlyn and myself we would like to thank you for the Elanra Therapeutic Ioniser. Deep sleep is a luxury in our world, what with Merlyn battling cancer and my active brain. We both enjoy deep relaxing sleep. Our bedroom had a funny smell (hard to describe) but that disappeared after putting on the ioniser, and our bedroom is a nicer place. Merlyn is trying to reduce her dependence on pain-killing drugs and the ioniser is her number one weapon in her war against pain. I awake refreshed and alert each day thanks to the ioniser. Once again thanks for the ioniser I know that it is vital for our survival, as we fight Merlyns cancer".

Vicki C, Whyalla
"Hi, just thought I would let you know the results so far from our Elanra: 

  1. The children are sleeping very deeply.
  2. Our daughter aged 5, does not snore anymore. The snoring lessened on the first night's use. Her tonsils are slowly coming down in size.
  3. My husband works shift work, and on night shift used the Elanra in our bedroom, he actually slept for more than 2 hours at a time (his usual sleep pattern on night shift). That week he slept for 5-7 hours straight and fell into a very deep and relaxing sleep.
  4. When we purchased the Elanra we were all suffering at different degrees from the flu virus that was going around town. We all got better rapidly, while many of our friends and family were sicker and for much longer.

Thank you very, very much.
Regards "

BH - Ramona, CA
"This is the first testimonial letter that I have ever written, but I must state it is with the greatest of pleasure that I am able and most willing to write it. I have suffered terribly for many years with Migraine headaches, I thought I had tried everything possible from herbs, painkillers, the new medications, etc. Everything that is, except for the Elanra!
I met Tracy by chance in a new housing development where we were both on a list to possibly purchase our new homes and in our standing around, I overheard him talking to another couple about this great ioniser he has and is using for his asthma. When I heard him mention Migraines, I immediately went over and introduced myself to Tracy.

We talked about Migraines and he gave me his business and private phone numbers and advised me to call him when I started to get my next Migraine. Tracy promised that if I would call him, he would bring one of his Elanra’s to my home so that I could use it to see if it helped my Migraine headache or even better, stopped the pain completely.
Unless you too suffer from Migraines, you cannot imagine how careful I was to keep his card and phone numbers as I was desperate to find anything that would stop my migraine headaches.
On a late Monday afternoon, after I had a terrible day at the office, very stressful! I had the beginnings of what I knew would be a Migraine headache, I immediately called Tracy and arranged for him to bring the Ioniser to my home. By the time we both arrived at my home, I had one of my full-blown Migraines, with throbbing pains behind my left eye, I was also very nauseous and in terrible pain.
I was laying down in bed when my husband brought Tracy in, he connected the Elanra up, advise me to hold the Elanra about two inches from my face for ten minutes, to breathe in through my nose and breathe out through my mouth. The nauseous feeling I was having went away immediately, I couldn’t believe it, and by the time the ten minutes was up my migraine pain was less and getting better by the minute!
In less than an hour the majority of my pain was gone and as long as I stayed within three feet of the Elanra I felt little or no pain whatsoever! It was totally amazing to me, needless to say, Tracy lost another of his wonderful Elanra’s that day as my husband wrote him a check on the spot as I was keeping that Elanra for myself!
If you suffer from Migraines purchase one of these wonderful Elanra’s, you will never regret it, as all you have to lose is the pain!"

Helen C, NSW
"We initially purchased our Elanra Ioniser because I found myself having to endure a prolonged stay in hospital awaiting the birth of our first baby. I could hardly breathe in the stifling air-conditioned rooms and feared that my health would deteriorate. Once the Elanra was installed in the room, the air became fresh and I could breathe again.

When our baby was born prematurely, we discovered that she had 'Down's Syndrome'. She was very frail to the significant prematurely and we realise that she did remarkably well to survive. When she was finally allowed home, we realised the value that the Ioniser would have for her. Children with 'Down's Syndrome are very weak in their respiratory systems and are prone to frequent colds, ear infections, bronchitis, pneumonia etc. They have poor circulation and often have heart problems. From the beginning of her life, our daughter has had the benefit of the Elanra Ioniser.

She is now two years old and although she is a tiny, delicate little child, she has been remarkably free of respiratory problems. She has had very few colds and when she has had one, she has recovered in a few days with no coughs or congestion following. She has had no ear infections or blocked eustachion tubes which are so common in children with 'Down's Syndrome' and which result in partial deafness due to 'glue ear'. This is a great help to her whole development. Also significant is that she sleeps so peacefully for twelve hours each night.

Another common problem with children with 'Down's Syndrome' is disturbed sleep due to 'sleep apnoea'. This is caused by a reduction in oxygen levels due to restricted air passages. The air passages become restricted due to low muscle tone and often enlarged tonsils and adenoids in very tiny air passages. When the oxygen levels drop, the child awakens in a fright, gasping for breath. This is very distressing for the whole family. The latest medical approach is to remove tonsils and adenoids which has detrimental effects in so many ways. We are thankful that thanks to the Ioniser, we should be able to avoid this outcome.

I can highly recommend the Elanra Ioniser to anyone who has a child with 'Down's Syndrome'".

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