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How to Replace Needles

There are 3 LED's that show the function of the machine. Green shows that the Elanra Medical Ioniser is fully operational. When the Orange light shows, the needles require changing and you have approximately 100 hours of use before the Red LED illuminates. When this happens the unit has shut down and will not operate until the ionising needles have been replaced. This operation will not harm your Elanra and is designed to ensure that you will always receive the maximum benefit from its use.
Green Light Fully Operational for approximately 1200 hours (about 3½ Months if using at night only)
Orange Light Needles require changing and your Elanra will continue operating for another 100 hours approx.
Red Light Closed down and is non operational and is awaiting the replacement of your ionising needles and re-setting. Follow your instruction manual or watch our online videos here

Replacing MKII Needles


Replacing The Needles from Elanra on Vimeo.

Replacing MKIII Needles

These especially designed ionising needles are user friendly and are easily replaceable. They have a life of approximately 1200 hours. New needles should be ordered when the orange light appears. If you simply re-set the Elanra without replacing the needles, the medical effect will be substantially reduced. Needles cannot be cleaned or re-sharpened, and must be replaced.

If you need further assistance with changing your needles, call our friendly staff today on the toll free number 1800 352 672 or email your queries to