Elanra's Guarantee to You

Workmanship Guarantee

Our Belief in Elanra

We are positive you will receive health benefits from using the Elanra Ioniser range. It is however important to follow these three rules below:

  1. You use the Elanra MkII Ioniser next to your bed on a bedside table that is not made of metal for a minimum of 7 hours per night (turn it on as you go to sleep, turn it off in the morning – simple!)
  3. You have no metal objects between your Elanra Ioniser, and your respiratory breathing (move your watch, phone, lamp away or behind your Elanra – I put my phone in my top drawer and leave it ajar)
  5. You sleep within 1-2 metres of the Needle output of the Elanra special Oxygen, and you stay in bed for 7-8 hours per 24 hour period.

We are so confident that Elanra will assist you and your family that if you live in Australia we will guarantee your registered medical device, because it is registered here. It is very important you use the device in accordance with the above rules and use the device for up to 12 months. Breathing and sleep concerns will get fast results, skin conditions like eczema and more some allergies will take more time for your body to respond, this is why we say 12 months.


If your health changes your instruction manual will show you how to reset the device, also the Elanra maintenance pack will provide you the right tools. Or simply call us and we will help you. We will know if your device has been used correctly by the program inside it.


If however, you and your family find you have not obtained any benefit whatsoever from the registered Elanra Medical device (which is highly unlikely!) then simply return it to us in the original box with all the original chords and attachments with a report on your experience, and then after a time of inspection and internal reporting, we will refund you 50% of the device cost, less a small handling fee. You must return the device inside 12 months but not less than 9 months, to ensure you are getting the right dose and benefits to assist you.’


Now that’s a guarantee you NEVER hear these days!!!
You have nothing to lose and you can see how confident we are in the knowledge that you will love Elanra and join the 93% of customers who refer Elanra to their friends and family.


It’s just so easy to use. Turn it on when you go to bed. Turn it off when you wake up. Enjoy your new found health and wellbeing.


If you cannot stay in bed and breathing this special Oxygen for 7-8 hours then consider also using the MkIII if in a car long periods of time, or wear the Pendant during the day and enjoy your own crisp, clear and clean Oxygen no matter where you are!

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