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Elanra Pendant Clears PM2.5 at the rate of .5 Litre per second! *

* Independently tested, IBR Laboratories, USA, 11/11/2016.

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It’s so easy!

Turn it on at night whilst you sleep.

Turn it off when you wake.

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Improve your physical and emotional wellbeing now!

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Escape the sickness industry. Join the wellness industry!

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Actively Recommended by 94% of Customers.*

The Elanra is medically registered for the following biological impacts providing it is used strictly as directed:
  • For Improved health and wellbeing
  • For increased alertness
  • To assist in recovery from illness and chronic fatigue
  • To reduce the severity and frequency of colds and flu
  • To support and assist in immune system recovery
  • To relieve the symptoms of seasonal conditions
  • To help improve sleep
  • Helps to normalise the bodies natural hormonal levels that may have been altered by the increasing levels of positive ions in the ambient air
  • To help improve learning
  • To help and assist allergy and eczema sufferers
  • To assist breathing by reducing airborne pathogens and dusts
  • To help enhance the body’s absorption of oxygen, Vitamin B and Vitamin C

Elanra ~ Australian Made beyond Advanced Nano-Technology

Elanra MkII Ioniser

5-Star Care at home


Elanra MkIII Portable Ionizer for everyday commuting

Elanra MKIII Portable

Life’s little journeys


Elanra Air Pendant

For everyday health


Ioniser Needles

15 months supply


Let Your Body Heal Itself Naturally

Breathe, sleep and be better with Elanra negative ionisers
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“I heartily recommend ELANRA medical devices and certainly wouldn’t be without mine.”

John Heinerman


“I highly recommend the ELANRA as an exceptionally effective state-of-the-art medical device, it’s not only helped me health, I don’t seem to get a cold anymore, but my skin looks great too.”

Robert Beck

B.E., D.Sc.

“Without equivocation, I can say that I am completely satisfied and delighted with the results achieved with my Elanra medical device.”

Sydney A. Baggs


“Elanra has improved my life. I strongly recommend ELANRA to improve the quality of life for all who use it.”

Jim E. Wright


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*Osborne International Independent Survey UNSW 2009