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Elanra Air Pendant

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Good health is all your body needs

Fully portable, this compact ‘hands free’ medical device is worn comfortably around the neck providing you with unrestricted freedom and therapeutic benefit at work, school or home, while travelling, shopping or driving.

After 4 years in development, the revolutionary Elanra Air Pendant has been released as the world’s most advanced personal Ioniser. 

Designed specifically for aircraft use and in-flight travel, for use general hospital wards, rest homes and for study and concentration. The Elanra Air Pendant features 9 easily programmed individual settings including 3 output levels and 3 different frequencies - from improving health and wellbeing and assisting recovery from illness (4Hz), to improved sleep and concentration (10Hz), to increased energy and vitality (25Hz).

Air Travel: it's so easy! Set the Elanra Air Pendant to 4Hz whilst reading or watching a movie on the plane. Set the Elanra Air Pendant to 10Hz whilst you enjoy a restful sleep and then 1 hour before you land, increase your vitability by setting the oxygen frequency to 25Hz.

A choice of black or white, and the option to personalise the Elanra Air Pendant for staff, clients, family or friends with your company logo or personal photograph, Elanra Air Pendant is rechargeable with a mini-USB and an international charger kit with universal adaptors is included with your purchase.

For people on the go, Elanra Air Pendant provides you with the recognised benefits of nature’s own negative ions of oxygen anywhere, anytime.

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Technical Specifications


Ion Flow Rate Up to 500 billion ions/s (full power 4Hz Setting)
Ion Density Greater than 1.5 million ions/cc @300mm
Power Adjustment 3 Levels
Modulation Frequencies User settings of 4/10/25hZ +/-2%
Dimensions H 59.2mm x W 64.4mm x D 24.8mm
Weight (Including lanyard, excluding charger) <70g
Recommended Operating Environment 5°C (50°F) to 40°C (104°F), 30% to 85% RH, 70 TO 106kPa
Recommended Transport and Storage Conditions -20°C (-4°F) to +45°C (113°F), 10% to 85% RH including condensation, 50 to 106kPa
IP Rating IP22 (Unit must be dry for normal operation)
Use with Oxygen Not intended for use in an Oxygen rich environment
Mode of Operation Short term or prolonged use
Ozone Emission Less then 0.5ppm (below mi. FDA (U.S) approved levels
Ion Needle Replaceable, use only Elanra Parts
Needle Life Span 1200 Hours
Rated Power 130mW
External Charger I.P. 100V - 240V @<0.4A, 50/60hz, O.P. 5VDC
Charging Input USB Micro B socket (power only, non data)
Internal Battery Lithium rechargeable (Elanra replaceable)
Battery Run Time (new) 40 Hours on minimum output power
Battery Charge Time (using supplied charger) 6 Hours
Battery Life (80% Original Capacity) 500 charge/use cycles, discharging to half capacity
Electric Shock Protection Class II ME Equipment, internally powered (IEC Def.)
Software Revision
Included Accessories -Charger with choice of International Power Plugs
(Aust, EU, UK, USA)

Workmanship Guarantee

12 months warranty on labour, materials and battery.

Electrical & EMC Safety Standards

Elanra is compliant with all international standards in EMC and electrical safety.

C-Tick N3656
CE Medical Safety and Performance EN60601-1:2006
CE Mark Tested Compliance with; EN60601-1-2:2007
EN55011:2007 + A2:2007

Patents And Registrations

International Utility Patent for Portable Ioniser and Method of Advertising
0596,280 5
International Design Patent for pendant Ioniser

International Trademarks for Classes 10 and Classes 11




Q: Can I wear the Elanra Air Pendant while sleeping?
A: Elanra Air Pendant provides you with the health benefits associated with inhaling negative ions of Oxygen as you go about your day. Whilst the Pendant is recommended to assist with sleep on aircraft where you are reclined or sitting up, it is NOT recommended for use in bed. If the top of the Pendant is obscured by bedding during the night, the negative ions of Oxygen cannot be inhaled and therefore no therapeutic benefit will be gained.

Q: Is there any benefit in placing the Elanra Air Pendant on my side table while I sleep?
A: No, the Pendant must be worn to receive any benefit.

Q: Where can I buy replacement Needles?
A: By email, website or post.

Q: Which way do I wear the Elanra Air Pendant?
A: It is best to wear the Elanra Air Pendant with the indicators facing your body, however the device will function perfectly either way. 

Q: Why is the orange light flashing?
A: The flashing orange light indicates your Elanra Air Pendant is active and generating Therapeutic Ions.